Farm Adventures

This Sunday, we went and visited Red Fire Farm for strawberry, pea and herb pick your own and farmstand shopping, as well as Upinngil farm for checking out their farm and farmstand.

Red Fire Farm:

Red Fire Farm farmstand, Granby, MA

As you’ve learned from Theresa’s last post “How We Began,” Red Fire Farm is near and dear to our hearts.  Not only are the farmers some of the best organic socially active farmers around, but they are simply great people.  Every early June, Red Fire Farm opens the fields near its farmstand to CSA members and other intrepid farm goers for strawberry picking.  Red Fire Farm also has herb picking patches along with other great items for PYO, including cherry tomatoes!  As Boston CSA members, we were able to pick a total of 8 quarts of strawberries, 8 pints of peas, and herbs as needed, for the season, for free (!).

Red Fire Farm PYO strawberry patch

Laura Picking Strawberries

Look at 'em beauties!

Theresa with our strawberry bounty

The peas were in great shape as well.  They had shell, snap, and snow peas for picking.  The trellised vines harbored some choice peas, and enough newly forming peas that it looks like there will be an abundant PYO crop this year. They also have huge oregano and basil patches, along with fun herbs like chamomile, lovage, and catnip.

Peas for the Picking

Herbs for the picking

Our loot of PYO peas and herbs

One really cool thing about Red Fire Farm, is that they are hosting a small chicken business on their farm.  One of their worker’s, Patrick has started up a egg business, and has incorporated his chickens into the fertility cycle of the farm.  We got to visit with Martin and Patrick, who work with the chickens, along with the chickens themselves.

Young hens, 'red star' breed

The henmobile, or chicken tractor.

The chicken tractor is a portable coop that enables the hens to live free range all over the farm.  It is a cook on top of a hay cart, and it transports them around the fields, and allows foraging wherever they go, all while keeping them safe.

Little chicks for the chicken meat business

These little guys are a new population for part of Patrick’s expansion of his chicken business.

A friendly hen that Martin introduced me to

As we drove off from Red Fire to Upinngil, we were inundated with the intoxicating sweet and spicy smell of fresh strawberries and herbs. More later about Upinngil farm!

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