Beginning of Red Fire Farm CSA

Yesterday I got to run the first distribution for the Red Fire Farm CSA in Brighton.

I. Am. A. Farm. Groupie.

I will admit that the season started out bumpy with two broken tables and a lack of tent, and a shortage of some produce and eggs…. but all in all, it was wonderful to begin the CSA: my kitchen smells like Red Fire Farm produce again, I got to see so many familiar faces, and so many enthusiastic new ones.  And I got my beautiful haul of produce:

Red Fire Farm CSA share, week one

I got strawberries for my fruit share, lots of lettuce, hakurai turnips,  bok choy, spinach, mizuni, garlic scapes, a big yellow turnip, and dill!  I unfortunately did not get my dozen of eggs, since we did not have enough for the distribution, but Theresa and I will be going out to the farm Sunday, so we will buy eggs then.

Our Saturday and first full day on the Local Eating Challenge is going to be very busy, due to many fun Pride events happening in downtown Boston.  Our biggest challenge is to not simply go to an event and then, lets say go over to Tealuxe on Newbury and have a lovely lunch.  So, we packed ourselves sandwiches of various items we had around.  We will also cook ourselves something yummy tonight, but we’re not sure what right now.

Sunday, we will go on a farm adventure.  We will drive out to western mass, and visit a farm (either Sidehill or Upinngil) to pick up some lovely items, and then head on over to Red Fire Farm for some strawberry picking, and some shopping at the farm stand.  After these major foraging events, Theresa and I will sit down and determine what we have and make a meal plan, and go grocery shopping.  I will post to keep you updated on our first week of grocery shopping on the Local Eating Challenge.

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