The Beginning of Our Local Food Challenge!

Today is the day!

Today is the first day of our Red Fire Farm CSA, and the first day of our Local Food Challenge!

I am thrilled and nervous!  And very excited to do the distribution!

Seeing as we have not had our CSA distribution yet, I can’t tell you what we’re getting from the farm this week.  But I’ll post it over the weekend, along with our food that we buy, the local vs. non-local status, and all of that jazz.

For now, I will simply post our Challenge (although it is still on “our food challenge” page):

The Challenge:

For One Full Year, Starting June 11th, 2010:

Every week we are allowed only 4 ‘slots’ of partially non-principled food.  The rest must consist of food that fulfills all three of our principles:


  • Local/Seasonal
  • Sustainability
  • Supports food community/ small businesses

When selecting a food to buy we follow these criteria in terms of allowed amounts:

  • If the food fulfills all three principles, it is unlimited in usage.
  • If the food fulfills two principles, two units fill one slot.
  • If the food fulfill one principles, one unit fills one slot.
  • If the food fulfills zero principles, zero food of that item is allowed.

Some definitions to clarify:

  • What is a ‘slot’ of food? It is the basic measurement or unit that the product is readily bought at.  For instance, one box of cocoa powder, or one bunch of kale, or for bulk items 1lbs.
  • Local– from New England (MA and Boston area foremost, VT, ME, CT, RI, NH and New York)
  • Seasonal Eating– choosing food during points of time when it grows naturally in our area (i.e. no hydroponic tomatoes in january- even if they’re from Maine!)
  • Sustainability– organic, IPM, chemical free (?), and practices that follow these certification guidelines very closely, but are not actually certified.
  • Supporting Food Community– supporting small businesses, and businesses that contribute to a community and not a corporate conglomerate.  Fair trade counts, as well as direct trade.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Also, if we eat out once, this uses up 2 ‘slots’ of our weekly 4 slot total.
  • If we don’t manage to follow our rules/guidelines for the week- we won’t starve ourselves in punishment.
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3 Responses to The Beginning of Our Local Food Challenge!

  1. Magda says:

    Will you lovely ladies accept gifts of local food from the south? I’d love to bring some deliciousness with me (like local honey, or Florida fruits for instance: I’m home for a week, and also there are some amazing honey sources in Savannah that have some really good raw honey) but I don’t want to ruin your challenge just because it’s a gift! Let me know 🙂

    • I will have to talk it over with Theresa, but I’d love to get local stuff from the south. If you bring them up with you, it is at no additional petroleum usage (at least so very minimal!). So, I’m going to say yes. I think that sharing is an uber important part of developing a food community. I can’t wait to see you!

      • HI Magda- Theresa here. We did agree that visitors bringing us local, organic produce/products when they come to visit. It is no more petroleum than if they came without, so feel free to bring us honey or Georgia Pecans!

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