Fish Day

This week’s catch from Cape Ann’s Fresh Catch CSF is Hake.

Hake..... lovely!

Today we got two shares, and thus a total of four pounds of fish.  This is because last week there was no distribution, which was convenient enough for us since we were out of town, and part of the whole process of supporting small businesses with CSFs and CSAs.   In talking to Steve, one of the distribution coordinators, he said that the implementation of the Fishing Quota system (catch-share)  in New England (started May 2010), although good for sustainable fishing is causing some problems for small fisheries.  Apparently the new quota system requires on board technology and surveillance that is not only expensive, but also finicky due to interaction with salt water, creating a big problem on a regular basis.  They hope that the major kinks in the system will be figured out, but they wonder how badly this will affect small fishery businesses.

Bags of hake, ready for freezing.

We ended up not eating this fish today.  Theresa had a hard day and we decided to go out to eat before our food challenge starts this Friday. A really easy way to preserve fresh fish is to freeze it.  I cut the fish up into 1 pound pieces, put them in plastic bags, and stuck them in the freezer.  It preserves the freshness, and thawed fish is still very tasty- especially when frozen while still very fresh.  Thursday we will probably thaw some and have fish tacos…. yum!

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2 Responses to Fish Day

  1. Magda says:

    so I just read through ALL of your posts, and I am so excited for you two! This blog is making me want to move up to Boston immediately and join you in the challenge. Alas, I will give the excuse (beyond the fact that I still have a year to graduate from grad school) that my career will certainly make local cooking difficult. Time is the biggest issue, both time to cook (which I always miss dreadfully when I can’t do it) and time to find local goods. We have a “farmer’s market” here on Saturdays, but it runs pretty much the exact hours that I’ve been working, and from what I’ve been able to dig up on the CSAs it’s so much food on distribution days it’s easiest if you’re cooking for two. I’m jealous of you both for the abundance that you’re able to have, the frequency and sheer variety of food!
    Can’t wait to see you soon, and I will be your faithful follower!

    • Gee Magda, we’re really flattered! Thank you. We are totally excited to have you come up to Boston and spend time with us. No worries about getting local food, we’ll help! We’re really looking forward to having you over and cooking and canning and all of that lovely jazz.

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