What we had for dinner last night

We are now getting back into the swing of things, and are trying to use up the last of our frozen food from last year in preparation for the beginning of the new CSA season.

Last night we had a ratatouille of sorts (though not baked).  It contained frozen eggplant (sliced eggplant freezes wonderfully, and retains its texture fairly well after thawing), frozen celeriac slices, frozen shredded zucchini (all from Red Fire Farm), some canned tomato, lots of fresh chard (from the Copley Farmer’s Market), onion, dried rosemary and basil (Red Fire Farm) and lastly bacon and sausage from our Stillman’s farm meat CSA.  We cooked the bacon and sausage together until done, removed the fat and set them aside. We stewed all of the veggies together, adding the chard leaves last.  Cut up the bacon and sausage and added at the end.  Served it on top of whole wheat pasta with shredded “Italian Grace” cheese from Chase Hill Farm (great local substitute for parmesan) and garnished with beet greens from our thinning of beets in our garden.  Easy meal that is a potential model for quick dinners during the winter.

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  1. Phillip says:

    Hi its phillip your brother, mom is over looking my shoulder at this exact moment so don’t post anything you wouldnt want her to see!

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