Back from Vacation

We just got back from visiting my family in PA and then visiting DC.  To not go over details, here are a few pictures from our visit and some local food doings:

We went to the Ligioner, PA farmers market with my mom. It was pretty big.

Ridgeview Acres Farm, gorgeous flowers!

Gorgeous bouquets from Ridgeview Farm

More beautiful flowers from Ridgeview Acres Farm. We were quite enraptured by these guys. Great picture by Theresa.

Great looking bread from..... don't remember.

Quail eggs! Fresh and pickled from Keystone Game Birds. The pickled quail eggs were really tasty.

A western PA cultural thing- Pierogies. They are quite tasty!

The only thing we bought was an Amish Oatmeal cookie Whoopie Pie. It was delish! The inside frosting had a hint of peanut butter and the oatmeal cookie was top notch!

Theresa got back to Boston before me and picked up a lovely haul of produce from the Copley Farmers market.

So that is our vacation update.  Glad to be back at home and with our food.  However, in DC there were quite a few great locavore restaurants that had many local and organic offerings, including Le Pain Quotidian and Farmers and Fishers.

Also, we are starting to get very revved up and terrified about starting our principled food challenge this Friday!

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