Quick Egg Salad

Down and dirty egg salad.

I just had it for a snack.Recipe:

4 hard boiled eggs

2 tablespoons of relish (ours that we made last year- cucumbers, carrots, onion, spices, brine)

1 tsp of mayonnaise

salt, pepper

homemade pickle for garnish


Put all ingredients, sans the garnishing pickle into a bowl.  Take a fork and go caveman on it.  Just smoosh it all up with your fork and mix it together.  And there you have it.  Quick and easy egg salad.

Note: Any eggs are good, but fresh eggs from free range chickens are to die for! Their yolks are brilliantly yellow and creamy, their flavor is amazing.  Get yourself some fresh eggs from a local farm (many do have them), or from a friend who keeps hens.  Make sure that the hens get to forage and wander around the farm (this is pretty easy to tell if you visit the place).  Hens that eat bugs and vegetation make eggs that are delicious, nutrient power-houses!

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