Growing Local

We try and buy a lot of local items, but another way you can help bolster the closeness of your food is to grow it yourself.  You don’t need a lot of space- we are presently gardening on our tiny front porch.  See for yourself.

We have a total of four (4’X2′) planting beds, four hanging baskets of sorts, ~ 5 big pots, and some little pots.  The planting beds have our vegetable seedlings- most we sowed outdoors, a few we started indoors a while back. They are presently covered by plastic with bamboo stick frames to greenhouse them.

Peas and cucumber in the back, rainbow silverbeet (chard) in the front.

Our hanging baskets have an array of different items, from strawberries, nasturtiums, lots of herbs, lettuce, and chard.

Strawberries and nasturtiums out the sides, chives, sorrel and basil ontop.

I hope that between Red Fire Farm and what we are growing, I will have enough for herbs for the season.

Strawberries, chamomile, chevril out the sides, sage, tarragon, lavender, and chard ontop.

Strawberries, chamomile, and creeping rosemary out the sides, sage, tarragon, lavender, and chard ontop.

We will keep you posted on how successful our garden is this year. Yesterday, we harvested our first four strawberries!  We also have a few nastertium blossoms!

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