Recent Food Happenings

Here is an update on the past week of food happenings:

Last week we put together a lovely meal from our local gatherings:

pork cutlets, breaded in wheat bran (I assure you, it is delicious!)

served with rhubarb chutney, steamed baby kale, and smashed potatoes with garlic and fava bean shoots

So good, it even gets the Marion birdy approval!

The pork cutlets are from our meat CSA from Stillman’s farm.  I cannot say enough about how excellent the meat is from Stillman’s farm; it  is glorious! The rhubarb is from the Amherst farmer’s market, the potatoes and garlic are from Red Fire Farm, and kale and fava bean shoots are from Siena farms that I got from the Copley farmers market.

Really Great Dinner Salad Meal:

Greekish salad: spinach, carrot, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, cooked wheatberries, with dressing: basalmic vinegar, pressed garlic, salt and pepper, and served with hardboiled eggs. I just washed and chopped ingredients and tossed them together.

Sources:  The spinach comes from Siena farms, the cucumber comes from Atlas Farms, the eggs come from Stillman’s farm (notice a few lovely green eggs), the goat cheese comes from Crystal Brook Farm, the garlic is from Red Fire Farm, and the wheatberries are from Four Star Farm.  The carrot, basalmic vinegar, salt and pepper are not local 😦

Cracker Making Part II: Dukkah!

In my first cracker post I only baked 1/3 of my dough, the rest I put in the fridge for a little while, wrapped in plastic wrap.

Here I am (Laura) cutting crackers while Theresa watches and takes pictures.

This next batch I put dukkah ontop of the dough and rolled it in, making deliscious spiced crackers.

The dukkah I use is from Queen of the Pantry, its a local MA business, but the ingredients are certainly not local. You can see the little dukkah package in the bottom right corner.

I have to say that this is the best use of dukkah I have found yet!

Dukkah crackers

Red Fire Farm CSA Orientation:

As the Red Fire Farm CSA coordinator for Brighton, I went out to the farm this past Friday to get the tour and go over CSA distribution basics.  I got to meet some really great new CSA coordinators, and get some new updates on the farm.

I really have to say that the more I learn about Red Fire Farm, the more and more I feel good about what they do.  Not only do they grow excellent organic produce and take sustainability to a whole new level, but they donate tons of food to local charities, take sometimes painstaking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to agricultural education, and are doing some cutting edge farm technology and policy stuff.  They are also really great people.  In a world of so much hidden terrors within our food systems, Red Fire Farm is beyond refreshing, it is awe inspiring.

Anyway, before I get teary eyed over this, one great thing about Red Fire Farm is their farmstand at 7 Carver St., Granby, MA.  It has lots of their own organic produce for sale, but also lots of local products from local farms.  Also, if you are a CSA member you can stop by the farmstand and do some PickYourOwns in the adjacent fields.  You can pick strawberries, raspberries, beans, herbs, flowers, tomatoes, edible flowers, and other stuff that will most likely be discussed in future blogs or can be checked out on their website.

After orientation, I went grocery shopping at the farmstand for the week, and oh did I find bounty!

Salad greens, lettuce, greenhouse carrots, radishes, summer savory (herb), oregano, eggs from Patrick’s egg business at Red Fire Farm (mighty tasty eggs!), milk from Mapleline Farm, yogurt from Trinity Farms.  I have to say the yogurt from Trinity Farms is amazing, a great full bodied very tangy  yogurt- if you are ever looking for one.  And then… those smaller eggs……

Guinea hen eggs!

Guinea hen eggs.  Super cute, super cool.  They are smaller and have a higher protein content to chicken eggs. Their shells are super tough.  They have a lovely rich and delicate flavor. We poached them for breakfast on Sunday morning, and I had some hardboiled for lunch today.

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