First Entry

What am I presently eating for lunch?

India spiced potatoes, channa masala with paneer, and deconstructed raita.

What is and isn’t local?


  • Potato (Red Fire Farm)
  • Onion and Shallot (Red Fire Farm)
  • Spring Garlic (Amherst Farmer’s Market– crap, we didn’t keep track of from which produce farms!)
  • Garlic (Red Fire Farm)
  • Paneer (Sidehill Farm, and mmm is it good!)
  • Cucumber (Amherst Farmer’s Market)
  • Yogurt (Sidehill Farm again)
  • Butter (Sidehill Farm again…. and yum again!)

Not Local:

  • Chickpeas (Local source of chickpeas, anyone?)
  • Tomato paste (can make it local this year)
  • Ginger (there is a local farm for that…)
  • Spices (troubling)
  • Carrot (not in season, however potentially storage local in the future)
  • Tad of boullion (can make our own…)
  • Lemon juice (local source? anyone?)
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